Post Oral Surgery Instructions

The following list of instructions will help you during the healing period. If you experience any itching, rash, wheezing, difficulty breathing, or swelling above the eyes and face not associated with the extraction site, please discontinue taking prescribed medications and call the office immediately.

Medications: Please take prescription medication for pain and/or infection as directed. Always wash down with plenty of fluids. It is very important to have something in your stomach besides water before taking any pain medications, as it has a tendency to upset an empty stomach.

Gauze Packing: Gauze was placed over the extraction site to serve as a pressure bandage when you bite down. Usually, we recommend leaving it in place until numbness from the local anesthetic wears off. You may replace gauze as needed to control bleeding. Expect some minor bleeding and oozing throughout the day. You may want to sleep on an old pillowcase for the first day because of seepage at the extraction site.

Rinsing: No active rinsing, spitting, or sucking should be attempted during the first 24 hours after extraction. This may prematurely dissolve the blood clot. Then, brief gentle swishing with warm water three to five times per day. After 48 hours, a more vigorous rinsing is encouraged after meals and at bedtime for four to five days. Do not use straws for at least two weeks.

Eating: Try not to miss a meal after surgery. Drink more fluids than you usually would. You can have soup, juice, instant breakfast, milk shakes (no straw), and jello or other soft foods for the first two to three days. Do not eat any foods with small seeds, including popcorn and peanuts, for two weeks.

Ice Packs: Ice packs are used to reduce excessive swelling and produce a local numbness immediately after extraction. Ice packs should be applied only during the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Plastic bags filled with crushed ice and wrapped in a damp towel or a commercial ice bag may be used. Use ten minutes on and ten minutes off.

Smoking: We advise you not to smoke during the first 72 hours after extraction.

Activity: Avoid excessive physical exertion during immediate post-operative period. Obtain adequate sleep. Try not to sneeze or blow your nose hard for two weeks.

Tooth Brushing: Brushing on the immediate extraction site should be discontinued for ten days after extraction to prevent disruption of the blood clot, healing tissues, and/or sutures. The remainder of the mouth may be brushed normally the day after the extraction.

Alcohol: We advise you to drink nothing that has alcohol in it, because it can wash out the blood clot. This includes rinsing with mouthwash with alcohol in it.

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